Monday, May 6, 2013


Tomorrow (5.7.13) I have an interview with Mr. James Mac Devitt for the Art Exhibition. If they have time, I would love to try and get an interview with the first and third place winners of the exhibition. 

First Place was Sonia Hernandez and Sylvester Duke Givens was third place. Those are the people the Talon Marks reporter Marco Zepeda interviewed. Hopefully with my multimedia background from this semester I will be able to get some creative output to this final project. 

Interviewing Mac Devitt should get some good publicity the Talon Marks Newspaper always welcomes. If I am not able to get a hold of the winners I hope that another artist would be willing to talk about their experiences at Cerritos College Art Department and how they have invested their creativity into their art. After all, Art should never be judged as good, bad, better, or more tasteful over another. 

We all interpret life in a different way so who is to judge those who did not win? I am more than happy to get a student who did not win, their work showcased in the newspaper. What someone finds ugly another finds inspiring and beautiful. 


Amy Goodman interviewed Michael Pollan's new book called Cooked "There is a deliberate effort to undermine food culture to sell us processed food" (from Pollan's statement to Democracy Now! interview with Amy Goodman)

Michael Pollan talks about how fast food companies are taking away the cultural tradition of family cooking a meal and sharing time with each other at the dinner table and how we need to start getting back to our roots in order to prevent obesity, isolation from family, and gain back our cultural ties with one another. 

IN OTHER NEWS, the U.S has the lowest unemployment rate in four years. 165,000 jobs were added in April. Although this seems like good news economists feel this is only temporary due to our slow climb back to economic growth. But for now, lets celebrate! 

All of my world news has been cited from Democracy Now! the war and peace report. To watch a full news report on all the headlines from Democracy Now! please visit the website here! 

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